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Who We Are

A global domain company offering Original & Unique domain names solution. 

Introducing New Concept

What is NAME YOUR PRICE? Exactly that, you will have educated choice how much you will offer for a particular domain. Each domain has a price tag with full asking price, you can go and make a purchase, but you have also second choice, and that’s Name Your Price field, where you can submit your offer. YOUR price you are willing to pay for that particular domain.

Each domain has fixed low price in hidden field, your objective is to acquire the particular domain as closest you can, without going bellow the set low price. In case you do “Please enter a higher amount” will display. In that case you can increase your offer until you get it, provided you also feel comfortable with that investment.

Anytime you can cancel your offer and look elsewhere or Contact us direct with further communication, and we can try to come up with workable solution, and WIN & WIN situation.

We believe that this unique concept will be good motivation to acquire great and unique domain well bellow market value, and help you to get you started in your business adventure.

Don’t miss interesting “Domain Fact” where you find information about domain value and strategies.

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